Marvelous! Woman April/May 2017 — Michele Linehan — Attitude Is Everything

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ARTICLE Deb Peterson   PHOTOGRAPHY Jaren Beavers   STYLE Kelly Householder-Giuliano When Michele Linehan walked into her first Boy Scouts meeting as the new boss wearing a dress and high heels, she was received with raised eyebrows. “They thought the Scout executive … Continued

Marvelous! Woman Susan Stockton — Super Natural Woman

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  She scuba dives, kayaks, hunts deer, shoots pistols, plans gigantic fundraising events, and leaps tall buildings in heels. Well, maybe not that last one, but she looks fantastic in them. Susan Stockton is her own brand of Super Natural … Continued

Marvelous! Woman — Beth Carter — December 2016/January 2017

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  Family Husband T.C., married 42 years; 2 sons and families: Patrick (Lisa) and sons Miles (8) and Vaughn (8). Patrick is a pilot in Alaska during the summer. He flies aerial tours around Denali from April to September. During … Continued