July 20, 2017

M! Woman — From Teen Mom to Chief Nursing Officer

By Shannon Nachtigal Style by Kelly Householder-Giuliano Photography by Jaren Beavers   The Journey of a Passionate Nurse I believe one of the highest forms of professionalism is reflection. Reflection is used to look back on any given situation or choice and ask yourself what you would have done differently. As I reflect on my Read More

M! Woman Profile — Shannon Nachtigal

Family: Husband, Kent Nachtigal. Children, Melanie (Logan) Sheehan, Bailey Jenkins, Ted (Rachael) Nachtigal, Alan (Blake) Nachtigal, Amy (David) Nachtigal, Emily Nachtigal. Grandchildren: Grady, Kenton, Olivia. Pets: Dogs Rudy and Trixie. I am a dog LOVER! Greatest accomplishments: All of our children are independent, college educated, and successful. Graduated nursing school in 1989 and passed state Read More

Marvelous! Woman April/May 2017 — Michele Linehan — Attitude Is Everything

ARTICLE Deb Peterson   PHOTOGRAPHY Jaren Beavers   STYLE Kelly Householder-Giuliano When Michele Linehan walked into her first Boy Scouts meeting as the new boss wearing a dress and high heels, she was received with raised eyebrows. “They thought the Scout executive had lost his mind,” she recalls. One camping trip and some Scout training sessions later, Read More

Marvelous! Woman Profile: Michele Linehan

Family My family is really small! Just my kids, Patrick and Caitlin. I raised them as a single mom. We are very close. Work I am blessed to be able to help people make the biggest purchase of their lives. I teach classes on credit repair and home buying, and I absolutely love it. When Read More

Marvelous! Woman Susan Stockton — Super Natural Woman

  She scuba dives, kayaks, hunts deer, shoots pistols, plans gigantic fundraising events, and leaps tall buildings in heels. Well, maybe not that last one, but she looks fantastic in them. Susan Stockton is her own brand of Super Natural Woman. “I can tell you I out punted my coverage,” says her husband, Mike Stockton. Read More

Marvelous! Woman February/March 2017— Susan Stockton

Family   — Married to my wonderful husband, Mike, for 16 years. He is my friend and partner in everything I do. I am blessed with two great boys, Dalton (22) and Lawson (13). Both played sports competitively: football, baseball, basketball and wrestling. I absolutely love watching them compete. We have spent many hours preparing, traveling Read More

Marvelous! Woman — Beth Carter — December 2016/January 2017

  Family Husband T.C., married 42 years; 2 sons and families: Patrick (Lisa) and sons Miles (8) and Vaughn (8). Patrick is a pilot in Alaska during the summer. He flies aerial tours around Denali from April to September. During the winter he lives in Fayetteville and operates an aviation business manufacturing accessories for aerial Read More

Corinne Hiser — M! Woman October/November 2016

FAMILY: I was raised by my mom on a farm in Alco. My mom was my biggest cheerleader, always believing in my sister and me. As I’ve gotten older, I realize how blessed I was by that. My sister, Teresa, also known as TaTa, and I were each others’ playmates and best friends, which was Read More

Marvelous! Woman — Brigitte Volltrauer-Shipman

Family: Family is the group of people that matters the most. Around my family I can be myself. When I struggle, they support me no matter what, under any circumstances. My family also has an unspoken bond that is difficult to articulate. Family gives my life purpose. Family equals unconditional love. Work: Work is where Read More

Marvelous! Woman — Madeleine Litton

Family: Family is very important. Family isn’t always genetically linked. Work: Some kind of work is always necessary for a feeling of self worth. Beauty secret: A plastic surgeon on speed dial is my favored beauty regimen, but Lisa Chism with a syringe of botulinum will work! Makeup: I am trying Bare Minerals. You need Read More