May 28, 2017

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner — Entertaining Vegans

By Lindsey Hardin | Photographed by Deb Peterson Celebration, time off from work, delicious food, comfort, relaxation, and time spent enjoying the company of family and friends—that’s what the holidays are all about. For many, including my 5-year-old daughter, the holidays are the highlight of the year, a time for generosity and fulfilling the desires Read More

Brew Belles Beer Club for Women

By Katherine Wilmoth I LOVE A GOOD BEER! A beer with a beginning, middle, and end, like a good sip of wine. I wait with bated breath to hear Eve Isbell, my boss at Judicious Spirits, say, “Hey, Kate! We have a new beer coming in!” I look forward to helping customers when they ask Read More

Women of Banking

Nine women in banking talk about what they love about finance, and what they wish you knew. Photography by Melissa Bitting Sally R. Gilbert Senior Vice President Business Development Liberty Bank of Arkansas What I love about banking/what I do: It allows me the opportunity to show people how they can achieve goals, change their Read More

Katy Tessman Stanoch’s New Book Helps Children Understand Cancer

By Deb Peterson Louis Stanoch was six when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. His little brother, Maxwell, was only three. They didn’t understand what was happening to their mom, especially when she lost her hair and no longer had the energy to sing to them. Katy Tessman Stanoch tried to find a book Read More

Playing With Robots Inspires Women Engineers

Four Mountain Home women inspire girls to study engineering by getting involved with the robotics team. Amber Williamson, 25 Engineer I Baxter Healthcare What inspired you to go into engineering? My inspiration to pursue engineering came from the FIRST robotics team that I was on in high school. Before I was on the team, I Read More

Girlfriend Getaway: Paint & Pour at Big Cedar

By Christy Case Keirn I’ve always had romantic dreams of being an artist. I took enough classes in college to have a minor in art, but in the back of my mind I always heard those voices that said, “you don’t have a creative bone in your body,” or “you can’t draw a stick figure.” Read More

Get Your Degree Online and Have it All — Two women prove you can balance work, life, and school online

By Christy Case Keirn Melissa Brooks Klinger enrolled in college at 30 after a divorce left her without an income, a home, or much hope. With two children to care for and just a few courses in typing and word processing under her belt, the single mother took just one course at a time and Read More

Clysta Willett Nature Trail — A Walk in the Park

By Deb Peterson | Photographed by Deb Peterson and Lucinda Reynolds When your day overflows with obligations, a 20-minute walk in the park can soothe your soul, no matter the season. Choose the nature trail at the newly-named Clysta Willett Park in Mountain Home, formerly Twin Lakes Park, and you will be delighted as well Read More

Abundant Blooms

By Lucinda Reynolds | Photographed by Lucinda Reynolds Because I’m a fairly lazy gardener who has planted far more than any sane gardener should, I grow minimal-care plants that thrive in our climate and soil conditions without coddling. When I select plants, I apply the guideline, “right plant, right place.” This adage keeps me from Read More

Vegetables In Spite of the Heat

By Ellen Chagnon | Photographed by Ellen Chagnon I often hear the summer lament, “Oh, my garden has just burned up in this heat. All that work gone to waste!” I can sympathize. My garden churns out vegetables until (WHAM!) full-blown summer hits, with daytime temperatures reaching the high 90s (or even the low 100s) Read More