July 20, 2017

Marvelous! Voices — The Splendid Things Underwater

By Joia Traver, age 13 Arkansas is a beautiful place with many outdoor activities. The lakes are a big attraction. During the summer, many people rent wakeboards and tubes and head down to the lake. They take the weekend off and have the time of their lives getting whipped around on a tube. Some people Read More

Marvelous! Voices — Yardwork Therapy

By Trieneke Self It was mid-July, 98 degrees and sticky hot, but I kept working with determination as I gripped my “Arkansas rock bar,” lifting the heavy steel pole as high as I could and aiming at the hard dirt covering the bottom of the hole. Sparks flew and the pole clanged sharply, jarring me Read More

Marvelous! Voices — Happy Trails Make Happy People

By Janet Wood | Photo courtesy of Janet Wood My entire life has been wrapped up in sports and nature. As a child, I spent an enormous amount of time playing basketball (our dirt court was as hard as concrete from bouncing the ball so much), and hunting, fishing, and trapping in the Knob Creek Read More

Let a Christmas Village Inspire Happy Memories

By Diane Ogborn It’s Christmastime again, a time for reflecting on all of the wonderful Christmases I have had with family members who are no longer here, especially my mom, Agnes Yanek. One of my favorite ways of remembering her is by sharing my Christmas village with Hospice House in her memory, something I have Read More

Marvelous! Voices — Finding Mental Health Through Self-Awareness and Acceptance

By Kim Worlow   “I get to choose the story I tell myself and how I interpret every situation I experience. So do you.”     I spent most of my childhood scared for myself, my sisters and mom. My home was not the safe haven that many children have. My home was filled with Read More

Marvelous! Voices — A Siberian-Ozark Accent

By Nancy Tester | Photograph courtesy of Irena Newland Irena Newland is blossoming in her new life in the Ozarks. A native of Siberia, she came to Mountain Home in 2000 after meeting and marrying Ozark native Charles Newland. “I caught the biggest fish in the White River!” she says. Together, the couple runs Newland’s Read More

Marvelous! Voices — The Art of Following Your Dream. The Dream of Following Your Art.

By Jeanne Roth PRELUDE As a young girl in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, my dream was to be an artist. At the age of 12, while taking an art class at our local college, I was encouraged by the teacher, who, having witnessed my chalkboard scribbles, mentioned that she thought that I showed artistic promise. That Read More

Marvelous! Voices — April/May 2016

By Vicki Garner Some of my earliest and fondest memories are those I have of working in my grandparents’ gardens. My grandmother, Marguerite Slocum Anderson, was one of the first female landscapers in Arkansas. I still remember the enormous weeping willow tree in her large garden in Helena. It was surrounded by row upon row Read More

Marvelous! Voices — Reflections on 5 Years

By Deb Peterson When I started Marvelous! five years ago in a corner of my living room, I did it with a little bit of experience and lot of things to learn. I did it with the encouragement of my partner, Tim Malaney, and the support of a lot of people who believed in me. Read More

Sometimes the Best Gift is Allowing Yourself to Receive

  By Cindy Young This time of year is referred to as the season of giving. I have a couple of thoughts about that. First of all, shouldn’t the season of giving be year round? And secondly, it’s important to learn to also be able to graciously receive, a point that was driven home to Read More