June 28, 2017

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  1. Hi Deb, I have an idea for a feature for you. We deal with a lady here whose sister owns a jewelry company in mexico. The company name is VSA (Virgins Saints and Angels). The company is owned and run by women in Mexico, here, Los Angelse, and Chicago. The Jewelery is seen on all kinds of celeberities from Country Music to HipHop people.

    While the jewelry is made in Mexico, the distribution center is here and it is our friend and customer Louise who runs this end.

    If this is the kind of story about women you like, call me and we will put you in contact with Louise.

    Congratulations on all the success
    Rick Peglar
    870 424 5070

  2. where in Mtn. HOme can I find a copy of this magazine?

  3. Amy Rodrigue says:

    When will the issue on Capital Steps at ASU come out?

  4. Annette Pettit says:

    When my husband brings the mail and my Marvelous magazine arrives (I am a subscriber), I think, “I’ll sit for a minute and look through it.” But my minute always lengthens. There are always gems and nuggets to appreciate. The book My Mom is a Beautiful Garden (p.15) sounds like a good gift idea for a family struggling with breast cancer. I am so proud to see Katie Risk recognized by the Business and Professional Women’s group. I would never, however, describe her as “gaudy, over-dressed, or a know-it-all” (her words)! I would think “vivacious, friendly,and giving” fit her much better. The funny voices of Jan Badovinac and Debby Stanuch came through solidly in their pieces. Thanks again for educating me about area women, events, and ideas.

  5. Laurie Kollins says:

    Hi Deb One of my artist friends just notified me that Marvelous Magazine is having a “Gifts for Girlfriends” on Dec. 3rd at our Ramada Inn in Mountain Home. Would it be too late to request information on a booth? I design fine jewelry in silver and one-of-a-kind stones. I advertise as LAURIE K DESIGNS and have participated in the Art Odyssey for the past five years.

    • We are so glad you are joining us, Laurie! We have a few booths open if you have other artisan friends who need a booth.

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