July 20, 2017

Girlfriend Getaway: Paint & Pour at Big Cedar

By Christy Case Keirn I’ve always had romantic dreams of being an artist. I took enough classes in college to have a minor in art, but in the back of my mind I always heard those voices that said, “you don’t have a creative bone in your body,” or “you can’t draw a stick figure.” Read More

Marvelous! Voices — Why I Teach Art

By Beth Ivens Occasionally I am asked, “What made you decide to go into education?” A second question follows: “Why ART education?” It wasn’t because of June, July, and August as some might joke. So I’ve been thinking about why and remembering a conversation my husband, Larry, and I had with an old friend early Read More

Fine Art by the Slice: Rebecca Glasscock’s Artful Knives

By Deb Peterson Growing up in southeast Arkansas in the 50s and 60s, Rebecca Glasscock enjoyed sunny days fishing with her dad. In the fall, they hunted birds and ducks together. “I always loved the outdoors,” Rebecca says, “and when you went out with my dad, you always participated in cleaning.” Young Rebecca knew how Read More

Spring Blossoms from Jerry Wilcoxen


Charming Memories: Remembering people, places, & events

Story and Photographs by Pamela Backus When I started researching and writing this article I had a charm bracelet someone had given me as a birthday gift, but I didn’t have any desire to add to it. It just sat in my jewelry box and I wore it every now and then. During the process Read More

Electrical Storm Over Beaver Lake by Mike Boyd

I made this image near my home at Beaver Lake. On this particular summer night, two storm fronts converged over Northwest Arkansas. The energy they produced was unlike anything I have seen since. At times the lightning would start at one horizon and bracket its way across the sky to the other. For this image, Read More

Frostweed by Dorothy Wheeler

Frostweed is a large plant that blossoms in the summer around creeks and low areas. The morning after a frost, get up at sunrise and look in places near water. The little Baptist church on Hwy. 126, and Big Spring Park in Cotter, are a couple of good places in the Twin Lakes Area. What Read More

Whitaker Point by William Dark

Photograph © William Dark of Rogers, who says, “There is no better place to watch the harvest moonrise than Whitaker Point [popularly called Hawksbill Crag]. I’m so happy to live in Northwest Arkansas.” Photographer William Dark Rogers, AR M! October/November 2011

By Day or By Night, Expect to Be Changed by the Opening of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

                Story by Deb Peterson Rachael Spiegel left Fayetteville to study art at Drexel University in Philadelphia. She came home with her Bachelor of Science in Photography and a dream of pursuing an art career in New York. Instead, at just 24, she found the opportunity of a Read More

Creating the Life They Want: J.D. and Cathy Harris

Story by Deb Peterson | Photographed by Carlos Hernandez. M! Aug/Sep 2011. Leaving funky, art-filled Eureka Springs on Hwy. 23 North, winding alongside brooks and through pastoral hills, you may think you’ve seen it all. You haven’t. Not far from The Art Colony, you’ll find stainless steel cranes dancing near the roadside. Glance past and Read More