July 20, 2017

Painting Outside the Lines: And other life lessons worth passing on

  By Mindy Fulcher They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Well, mine began with a single flash. When I was 10 years old, my parents bought me a hot pink camera. It was plastic, but it had real film and it gave me an exciting new way to Read More

3 Secrets for Putting Yourself in the Picture: Use your camera’s self timer to capture the whole family

  By Jaren Beavers I have always loved flipping through our family’s photo albums. My mother had volumes of albums filled with photos from her trusty 110, chronicling her childrens’ lives. We can reminisce for hours when the albums come out. The same is true when we thumb through the boxes of vintage photos our Read More

Kim Singer: Photographer, Adventurer, and One Marvelous! Woman

By Deb Peterson | Photographs courtesy of Kim Singer She fishes remote waters, climbs tall mountains, and shoots Razorbacks—games, that is. She can laugh so hard she bends over gasping for air. I have known her to dance with abandon, one hand clutching a maraca. Kim Singer is an adventurer. She says yes to life. Read More

Whitaker Point by William Dark

Photograph © William Dark of Rogers, who says, “There is no better place to watch the harvest moonrise than Whitaker Point [popularly called Hawksbill Crag]. I’m so happy to live in Northwest Arkansas.” Photographer William Dark Rogers, AR M! October/November 2011

Photographer Kim Singer Bio

Kim Singer is a talented wedding, portrait, and lifestyle photographer in Arkansas. See more of her work at kimsingerphotography.com. Some of Kim’s work for Marvelous!:     Kim Singer’s ads in M! show her creativity and sense of fun:  

Photographer Carlos Hernandez Bio

We are thrilled that photographer Carlos Hernandez, retired Fox News Chief Photographer, has graciously shared his significant talent with Marvelous! Carlos began his photojournalism career in 1966 as an Aerial Motion Picture Combat Photographer in Vietnam. In 1970, he started a career in television news that took him to eight stations and two capitol bureaus. Read More