Marvelous! Woman — Brigitte Volltrauer-Shipman

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Marvelous! Woman Brigitte Volltrauer-Shipman.
Marvelous! Woman Brigitte Volltrauer-Shipman.

Family: Family is the group of people that matters the most. Around my family I can be myself. When I struggle, they support me no matter what, under any circumstances. My family also has an unspoken bond that is difficult to articulate. Family gives my life purpose. Family equals unconditional love.

Work: Work is where we spend most of our time during our adult lives, so choose a career you are passionate about. When you earn a living doing what you love, you will live a less stressful and healthier life. That’s what I love to help others discover.

Advice for younger women: My best advice is to honor yourself with the mantra, “I am enough.” It’s difficult to remember, so practice it. Practice by noticing how you feel when not meeting expectations. Don’t give your power away. You are enough!

Beauty secret/regimen: I really don’t have anything that is a secret, but I do have some advice that has worked for me:
• Drink a lot of spring water everyday. I drink at least 40 ounces a day. I can tell a big difference in my skin when I don’t.
• Get enough sleep each night.
• Exercise. You don’t have to work out really killer hard, just move. My goal is 5 days a week.
• What you eat should be real food. Do your best to stay away from processed food.

Three words that describe me: Determined. Passionate. Fun.

Salon: I love Studio West Salon. Megan Hudson has a great salon, and I feel special and beautiful every time I get my hair done. Fabulous!

Creativity: I am most creative when I go for meditation walks. I’m inspired by nature and the peaceful feeling I experience while noticing God’s creation.

Makeup: I love to play with makeup and try different looks. Currently I am a fan of Clinique and Lancome products.

Girls’ Night Out: My tribe, called the Nayas, loves to get together at each other’s homes. We alternate our homes for holidays, birthdays, and just-because-we-need-it get togethers. We are all good cooks and love to share our current events over a cocktail and dinner. It’s a guaranteed soul recharge.

Restaurant for evening out: I enjoy the Arena. It has a great atmosphere and excellent service. The food never disappoints me. I also enjoy dining at Gaston’s.

Way to relax: I love to take long hot baths with my favorite tunes. I either have chamomile tea or a glass of red wine to go along with the experience.

Movie: My favorite movies are where you walk away thinking about it for a couple of days. What Dreams May Come is one of my favorites. Classic movies are also some of the best movies to watch. Splendor in the Grass is a great one about life. Dancing in the Rain is my favorite musical.

Way to volunteer: I am on the Food Bank Task Force this year. I’m looking forward to this work for the great cause of stopping hunger. I love volunteering any way I can to help our youth. M! August/September 2016




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