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Family: Husband, Kent Nachtigal. Children, Melanie (Logan) Sheehan, Bailey Jenkins, Ted (Rachael) Nachtigal, Alan (Blake) Nachtigal, Amy (David) Nachtigal, Emily Nachtigal. Grandchildren: Grady, Kenton, Olivia.

Pets: Dogs Rudy and Trixie. I am a dog LOVER!

Greatest accomplishments: All of our children are independent, college educated, and successful. Graduated nursing school in 1989 and passed state boards, completed my BSN in 2011, and my MSN in 2016, my career.

Interests: I love watching my grandson play sports (except the rodeos, my nerves can’t take it), anything to do with water, lake, pool, river, ocean. I love country music, concerts, cookouts, and socializing with my friends. My BFFs, Wynne and Amber, are usually my sidekicks in whatever activity we come up with for the weekend.

Time spent with extended family: Our big family event has become celebrating each others’ 50th birthday. My sister, Julie, turned 50 first and we all went on a cruise. It was such a great trip. My brother, Rich, was next, and the whole family surprised him with a party in Little Rock. I’m next, and I have no idea what’s in store, but I think planning is already underway.

Wellness: I work out at 4:30 a.m. at the Knox Wellness Center. I have to fit it in somehow and that’s the only time I can make it work.

Bedtime ritual: I always take off my makeup, cleanse and moisturize my face, and brush and floss my teeth.

Addictions: Diet Mountain Dew, Skittles, shoes, and food. I love all food except for fish.

Sports: I love going to major league baseball games. I cheer for the Razorbacks, Minnesota Twins, and Green Bay Packers. My husband was born in Minneapolis, so he has always been a Minnesota Twins fan. I became a fan after watching and going to games over the years. It was a great surprise when my cousin, Neil Allen, became the pitching coach for the Twins a couple of years ago.

Movies: Dirty Dancing, Beaches, An Officer and a Gentleman, City of Angels, Love Actually, and Bridget Jones’s Diary.

TV shows: Friends, Modern Family, Downton Abbey, This is Us, Dr. Phil, Dateline, The Voice.

Advice for younger women: Always be able to support yourself.

Favorite holiday:  4th of July

What people might not know about me: I was born in Canada.

Favorite travel destinations: Las Vegas and Nashville. M! June/July 2017




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