Marvelous! Woman — Beth Carter — December 2016/January 2017

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Marvelous! Woman Beth Carter
Marvelous! Woman Beth Carter


Family Husband T.C., married 42 years; 2 sons and families: Patrick (Lisa) and sons Miles (8) and Vaughn (8). Patrick is a pilot in Alaska during the summer. He flies aerial tours around Denali from April to September. During the winter he lives in Fayetteville and operates an aviation business manufacturing accessories for aerial photography and audio cables. Christopher (Nicole) and sons Gavin (5) and Hudson (2). Christopher is our partner at Carter’s Jewel Chest.
Beauty regimen I have used Elizabeth Arden Millenium products for over 30 years. I would hate to see what the wrinkles would be without it!

Spot for a picnic  Peanut butter & jelly by the playground and sandbox with my grandsons.

Body of water  Fresh water is Lake Norfork. Salt water is the Caribbean.

Way to spend an evening  Summer–Dinner at the lake with family and friends. Winter—Feet up in front of our outdoor fireplace.

Outdoor activity and way to relax We are lake people. Anything on Lake Norfork, including boating, swimming, skiing, and kayaking.

Advice for younger women   It’s a Dr. Seuss quote, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Movie I love a good chick flick like Sweet Home Alabama or Pretty Woman.

Vacation Anywhere in the Carribean with aqua blue waters.

Ways to be creative  I am not very crafty or creative, but I try to come up with fun ideas I can do with my grandsons. This is usually a cooking or baking project.

Way to volunteer  I have always been so busy at The Jewel Chest it has been difficult to find time to volunteer, so many years ago we started incorporating events at the store with charities. We do Carat Cake for Christmas Wish, Diamond Dig for Kindness, Inc. and sponsor the Red White and Blue Festival by donating a special piece of jewelry to raise funds for the festival.

What I love about December/January December is an adrenaline rush for us. It is our busiest time of year at work and it culminates six months of preparation for the holiday season. January is the total opposite. Business slows down and we enjoy laidback winter evenings at home.

5 things every woman should have:
1. Daily personal prayer time
2. Time for your family
3. A sense of accomplishment, which can be either at work or at home
4. Prayer warrior friends
5. A priority to take vacation time

3 words that describe me  Busy, energetic, detail-focused

Cause: Into the Light— My son Chris and his wife, Nicole, have invested themselves in this ministry to fight human trafficking. Through them I have learned this is not a distant problem, but is in our own backyards.

Motto  Work hard, play hard. Live life intensely! M! December 2016/January 2017




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