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Madeleine Litton
Madeleine Litton

Family: Family is very important. Family isn’t always genetically linked.

Work: Some kind of work is always necessary for a feeling of self worth.

Beauty secret: A plastic surgeon on speed dial is my favored beauty regimen, but Lisa Chism with a syringe of botulinum will work!

Makeup: I am trying Bare Minerals. You need makeup as a protective layer against sun.

Salon: Shabby2Chic Salon and Boutique is a great one stop shop!

Place to lunch with girlfriends: I love The Angler’s Café or Blackbird Café for lunch!

Restaurant for an evening out: P.J.’s is always good for dinner. The Brasserie Bofinger in Paris has a fabulous seafood tower. Delmonico’s in New York or Las Vegas is also quite good.

Spot for a picnic: Picnics can be anywhere you want. On a rainy day they can be on the living room floor!

Body of water: The Buffalo River is pristine. The Danube is kinda romantic.

Way to spend an evening: I love to be at home snuggled with the kids (four-footed), reading or watching television with Mother.

Outdoor activity: Thanks to Jesse Douglas and Ann Mills I love to kayak! We are the Naiads of Norfork.

Way to relax: Since moving from a big city where everything is rushed, I have tried to be relaxed in all things. Sometimes it works? I like to play in the plants or with the weasels, read/nap with the cats or take a walk with the dogs.

Advice for younger women: Young women need to be independent. Here we are in 2016 and many of us still feel subservient?
Bedtime ritual: Before bed I take my vitamins, clean face and teeth, Latisse the lashes, Minoxidil the head, moisturize face, hands, and feet. Drink water.
Movie: There are so many great movies it’s difficult to choose a favorite. Gone With The Wind, Working Girl, Under The Tuscan Sun, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, The Bourne Series, The Jurassic Series, Star Wars Series. Too many? Also, I loved The Twilight Series and Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Divergent.

Vacation: We like to rent a house somewhere to have a home base. We are thinking of Lake Como next.

Way to celebrate a friend: Give her something of yours she admires. It celebrates the bond between you.

Way to be creative: Learning to paint is a creative outlet, and Deb Peterson is going to reteach me to knit. I can’t wait!

Way to volunteer: Volunteering is a wonderful thing. It gives back to the Earth’s soul. It can be done anonymously.

What I love about June and July: June and July are very pleasant here in the Ozarks, especially with sufficient rain. It’s lush and green. Fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden are in abundance, and I can see to drive to evening art classes.

10 things every woman should have:
1. Education or professional training
2. A good sense of self
3. A good handbag
4. Comfortable shoes
5. One good suite of jewels (watch, earrings, ring, necklace, bracelet)
6. Something cozy into which you can pajamize (the act of putting on pajamas)
7. Some sort of fitness/beauty regimen that travels well
8. A hobby
9. A good book with you at all times
10. A plastic surgeon on speed dial

3 words that describe me: Spoiled. Generous. Happy.
Cause: The cause that is of utmost importance to me is animal welfare. They have no voice and are constantly abused and neglected by humans.

Dream for the future: My dream for the future is world peace. I couldn’t resist this one.

What people might not know about me: Most people don’t know that I am an introvert. Gregariously introverted.

Motto: Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” He also said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” M! June/July 2016




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