May 28, 2017

Phyllis Saunders Talks Openly About the Taboo

Story by Deb Peterson | Photos submitted by Phyllis Saunders. M! Jun/Jul 2011. Taking an extra change of clothes along whenever she goes out, especially if she plans on laughing, is something Phyllis Saunders no longer has to do. She no longer carries a supply of mini-pads in her purse or wears a sanitary napkin Read More

To Your Health! Urinary Incontinence

By Corinne Hiser, ANP. M! Jun/Jul 2011. For many years, urinary incontinence, or UI, has been a subject not to be discussed in “polite company,” but thanks to women like Phyllis Saunders who have gone public with their struggle, more women are getting help with this treatable problem. Definition UI is defined as the accidental/involuntary Read More