July 20, 2017

From the Publisher’s Desk — April/Mary 2016 — Take Responsibility For Your Health

Two days before the Marvelous! 5th Anniversary Party, I was in the emergency room with four of the symptoms women experience when having a heart attack—pressure in my chest, a pounding pulse and palpitations, shortness of breath, and fatigue. I didn’t have a heart attack, but I did have a wake-up call. We don’t know Read More

“The Girls” Gather in Greenwood, MS

  By Joyce Cameron After three months of coordinating the busy schedules of 10 women, we finally booked a two-night girlfriend getaway in Greenwood, Mississippi to celebrate Shana Hopper’s 40th birthday. Greenwood, Mississippi?? When I first heard that our destination was Greenwood, I thought Megan O’Neal had lost her mind. What could possibly be in Read More

Bio — Joyce Cameron

Joyce Cameron lives in Mountain Home with her husband of 37 years, Mike. She enjoys reading and cooking, both of which she has time to do since retiring from teaching.    

The 5 Elements of a Marvelous Girlfriend Getaway

  By Kelly Householder-Giuliano Friendship ranks way up there on the list of good things in life that I value and cherish. Girlfriend getaways (GGs) are great opportunities for bonding with your besties, which is why I love them and have taken quite a few. Yet when Deb Peterson asked me to share five things Read More