July 20, 2017

Catherine Sawyer: Blonde, Brunette, Beautiful

Story by Deb Peterson | Photographed by Clint Sawyer Catherine Sawyer has been as surprised as everyone around her at the changing color of her hair. She’s been blonde, brunette, and auburn—in addition to being bald!—as a result of chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. “I definitely don’t see myself as a blonde,” Catherine says. “I Read More

Mini-Profile: Breast Cancer Survivor Katy Tessman Stanoch

Katy Tessman Stanoch of Minnetonka, Minn. was diagnosed with breast cancer after her first mammogram. On her 40th birthday, she had a double mastectomy. When Katy’s hair fell out “like dry leaves,” her mom shaved it off. Katy’s husband Dave celebrated with her on Valentine’s Day 2009, below, and their son, Louis, wrote this haiku Read More

To Your Health! Hair Loss During Chemotherapy

By Corinne Hiser Hair loss from chemotherapy or radiation therapy is a possible and very unwelcomed side effect. These therapies target all rapidly dividing cells—healthy cells as well as cancer cells. Hair follicles are some of the fastest-growing cells in the body and divide every 23–72 hours. Within several days to a few weeks, you Read More