From the Publisher’s Desk — April/May 2017

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Spring arrived extra early this year. Many of us had flowers blooming in February. Those of you who are gardeners have surely spent many hours in your garden already. You will love the she-sheds featured in this issue, some of … Continued

Bella’s Table — April/May 2016

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By Estella Tullgren The holiday celebrations coming up over the next few months are good reasons to gather family and friends—perfect occasions to cook together and try new recipes. This version of Sweet and Sour Chicken is so good. I … Continued

5 Marvelous! Women and their influence on Marvelous!

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By Deb Peterson • Photos by Amanda Herd When I started Marvelous! five years ago, I took a giant leap into the unknown, accepting all the risk that went with such a leap, in an effort to create the life … Continued

Bella’s Table — December 2015/January 2016

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By Estella Tullgren • Photographs by Deb Peterson One of my joys in coming to work on Mondays is being able to talk with one of my favorite foodies—Joan Michalek. She is always trying new recipes and, of course, willing … Continued

Bella’s Table — August/September 2015

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By Estella Tullgren Photographs by Deb Peterson This issue has recipes for an entire meal. I was craving summer veggies with a delicious chicken dish. Try all of these together—you’ll love the flavors. Enjoy! Chicken with Marsala Sauce Serves 2 … Continued