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February/March 2012

Thanks to the generous gift of a subscription from Cindy Young, I have enjoyed Marvelous! for the last year (subscription renewal in the mail).  I’m a native of Cotter/Marion County who has spent most of my life in Texas. The magazine is a great opportunity to “get acquainted” with the fabulous women who I might have come to know had I lived in Arkansas all these years. Your features on Beci Coffey and her mom, Doretha Shipman, are  good examples of what I enjoy most about the mag.  Best wishes for continued success with your publication—it’s a treat.
Sandra Lloyd

Thank you so very, very much for the great page of “Bridge Bash” photos in the Dec/Jan issue. We appreciate your support of our first ever hunger awareness/fund raising event. Also, I want to point out that some of those pictures were taken by our wonderful “people photographer,” Tommy Hagan of Cotter. He does such a great job that I want him to have some credit. Thanks again for your generous support of our organization.
Jo Wilson, Board member
Food Bank of North Central Arkansas

I just wanted to let you know, I find your magazine “Intriguing!” I keep it on my desk and every once in a while I’ll pick it up and glance through to find something I didn’t see before. Your writing draws me into what each person is feeling or trying to convey. It’s refreshing to find people with major life dramas who find the strength to turn it into something positive. I haven’t found positive entertainment like that since Little House on the Prairie and the Waltons. Thank you for letting me be a part of your gift to people.
Dorothy Wheeler
(Note: Dorothy’s photograph, Frostweed, was featured in the Dec/Jan issue.)

Dorothy Wheeler’s “Frostweed”

We’ve always called them Frost Blossoms or Frost Flowers. I’ve been taking pictures of these for years. Cotter seems to be the best place to find them.
Karen Shelby

We have a nice crop of Verbesina virginica (Frostweed or White Crownbeard) at the edge of our yard. Folks can plant this native and have their own frost flowers to enjoy every year. I had a whole crop of frost flowers this a.m. and attempted to gather a few to take to my class. I was like a small child with my first snowball! By the time I arrived at NWACC, the amazingly delicate ice blossoms were reduced to a puddle of water.
Ellen E. Turner

The frostweed is so beautiful! They look like spun glass. We captured our pics along Crooked Creek.
Carol Sadler King

Love this. Love anything that doesn’t look like what we expect it to look like.
Rosemary Faucette

Doretha Shipman: Waffle Grandma

I just read the article on Doretha Shipman—love her! Her daughter, Vicki Dawn, and my sister, Holly, have been best friends forever! Many times we would head out to see “The Shipmans.” That name included many people—and Doretha welcomed us all! She’d play piano, and Vicki Dawn and Holly would break out singing Sentimental Journey. Music, family, laughter, hugs, food. Doretha always had more than enough to share! She is the Grandma of Love. I laughed as I read about Shelley—one sweet, precious person. I went on my first camping trip with the Stoops. Reading this…I reminisced, I smiled. I thoroughly enjoyed this article. Thank you, Deb.
Stacy Williams White

That’s my grandma too! She is the most amazing woman on the planet! We are so very lucky.
Sarah Stoops Gunn

Stretch Yourself in the New Year

Just finished stretching with Kelley, Deb. Excellent. Peter has known her since she was a little girl, and I worked closely with her mother when I first arrived at BRMC. Fantastic issue. You’re doing a great job and we’re happy for you. Keep up the good work!
Jan Peitz

Deck the Halls in Style

[Nancy Osmon} is beautiful inside and out! Wonderful picture!
Nancy Gramling Bemis

Bella’s Table

Since your first publication, I have been saving all the articles on Bella’s Table, and have made several if not most of her recipes. Sometimes my husband feels it is the Julia Childs movie all over again, where the wife served a different recipe every day from Julia’s cookbook. Currently, our favorites are Bella’s Favorite Pasta, Blue Ribbon Dip, Beef Tenderloin with the sauces, The Bread, and Chocolate Sin with Whipped Cream and Berries. Thank you again for creating Marvelous! Magazine. I always look forward to reading your articles and trying Bella’s recipes.
Pat Brubaker, Mountain Home

Catherine Sawyer in the Oct/Nov issue

Catherine [Sawyer] and I were childhood friends. I have not been very good about keeping in touch and have wondered many times how she is doing. I have done occasional Internet searches for her with no luck. I was both shocked and amazed at finding this article about her, but not amazed about how she has made her way through this difficult journey. I wish her continued health and happiness.
 I am hoping that you might be able to pass along this message to her (which I also posted to the article) and let her know that I would love to make contact with her if she would like. I want you to know I enjoyed the article and commend you for your efforts at Marvelous! to bring positive, inspirational stories and articles to women everywhere.
Diana Slater, Oregon

When I read [your] email I was almost in tears. Last night I was finishing up Christmas cards (yes, way too late) and saw [Diana’s] name in my phone directory and wondered whatever happened to her. When I came in this morning there was this email. Wow! How simply Marvelous! Your magazine has its reaches far beyond what you imagine—thank you so much for all you do. By the way, Jan Price at Shady Grove was so thrilled to have her picture in your magazine—it has given her such a boost, thank you.
Catherine Sawyer

December 2011/January 2012

Marv Mag is marvelous! I love it! I’m anxious to subscribe to it. I loved the story on Estella Tullgren—and it was neat seeing the picture of Chris. Loved the layout on the Twin Lakes Community Foundation. I am a strong believer in their work. A real variety of articles and pictures, and the photography is marvelous, too. It is really just a classy magazine. Tell Julie Fienhold she looks good in the Chevrolet ad—and I loved “Luci Boxer” as the Showroom Greeter! Loved the bullfrog that swims laps. Guess I just loved the whole thing. Keep up the good work.
Wanda Kent, Fayetteville

Hello, Deb. Laura showed me your mag. It’s terrific. We’d like to subscribe.
Andrei Codrescu, Yellville

I am really impressed with each one of the issues you’ve turned out, and this latest one that came today is Marvelous! Your writing is great, as are your photos, and you manage to find people who have a good story to tell. How do you do it?
Alice Marshall, Kirkwood, MO

I received my first copy of Marvelous! this week. Certainly enjoyed your lead story about the home Kathryn Miles designed. Love the view. Envious! Also appreciated the story about cancer survivors. It is such an attractive publication—good paper, great color illustrations.
Peggy Koch, Barnhart, MO

Marvelous! is truly marvelous! I need three subscriptions.
Doris Bounds, Norfork

October/November 2011

I recently made a pasta salad recipe from the magazine and it was wonderful! Thank you for printing that!
Ann Messick

I love your magazine! We have moved to the area and the info in your mag is so informative! I want to subscribe!
Deb Schroeder

AMAZINGLY MARVELOUS! I love the story on Debbie Love, whom I have admired since the day I met her—in a shop, no less!
Christy Case Keirn on Facebook

Just checked out the website—another MARVELOUS creation!
Bobbi Brown on Facebook

Only recently stumbled upon Marvelous! and have been enjoying the articles and beautiful photos. In the June/July issue, a particular photo on page 8 (top right), is described as a ‘Monarch caterpillar feeding on rue.’ The caterpillar shown isn’t a Monarch. It’s the Black Swallowtail.
Maggie Young on Facebook

Ed. Note: Thanks for the catch, Maggie! We regret the proofreading error. Lucinda’s article points out that Monarch caterpillars eat only milkweed, so we should have caught the mistake.

I’ve seen Martha [Nichols-Ketchum (April/May 2011)] for [reflexology] treatment after several injuries and her work has helped immensely. Martha is Marvelous!
Mary Wise on marvmag.com

Great article and awesome place [Beci Coffey’s Marvelous, Magical Woodland Life (June/July 2011)]. Beci’s husband, Kent, has invited me there to play music and fish the Buffalo River. I hope to do so this month. They are great folks.
Donny Lowery on marvmag.com


August/September 2011

Your newest issue lives up to its name! It just keeps getting better—wonderful women, great features and format.
Deborah Knox

WOW! Love your style. Just wanted to tell you that I really love the diversity of subject material and your writing…photography is gorgeous too.
Lucinda Reynolds

Newest edition of M! is great. Enjoyed reading it!!
Cindy Davis
Cornbread Design Factory

Love the new issue! It’s Marvelous!
Debbie Fielding Wray

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write you and tell you that, once again, I am amazed at your wonderful magazine! I absoutely adored the story about Beci and her wonderful home…but the whole publication is…well, what else can I say except MARVELOUS! I just admire you so very much for the bold step you’ve taken in launching this endeavor. What an achievement and I’m very proud to have you as a friend! Keep it up!
Cindy Young

Simply excellent. Brings real class to our area!
Jim Gaston


June/July 2011

Congratulations on Marvelous!, Deb. I absolutely love it and can tell that you are personally in every word from front to back. As a farm wife and flight attendant, I know the importance of a good skin care routine, exercise, and hydration, and who doesn’t love a summer bride!? Your commitment, dedication, and passion for writing has obviously paid off. I am looking forward to every issue. Love you!
Dawn Linkert
Sauk Rapids, MN

Marvelous! Society is fantastic! Weddings too! Love the new magazine!
Christy Keirn

Thanks for the delivery of Marvelous! to Nature’s Way. It has a special place in the “Red Room.” Our customers will love it. Lisa is gorgeous on the cover. Congratulations.
Jack Clayton
Nature’s Way

I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your new magazine. I thought the article on my pedicure lady—DJ—was great! Good luck and keep up the good work.
Sharon Alman

My wedding picture at Thorncrown Chapel is making it back home to Eureka! Thank you for [printing] our picture; we were so honored!
Beth O’Bryant
Oklahoma City, OK

I love getting Marvelous in my mailbox! Can’t wait!
Judy Ross Marshall

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April/May 2011

I’ve just read Marvelous! and am in love with it. What a class act. I am director at Hill Country Art Gallery in Mountain Home and would love to have your magazine at the gallery to distribute to customers and visitors. Thanks for the uplifting and inspiring magazine.
Joanne Forbes
Hill Country Art Gallery

I picked up my copy of Marvelous! at The Truck Patch today. HOORAY! for a women’s-based magazine that is super beautiful and intelligent. I look forward to meeting you at For Mother Earth. Please bring us some copies to hand out if you have any left!
Sandie Cloud
For Mother Earth

Real men love Marvelous! magazine, too. Looking forward to April’s issue.
Bill Thorne

I was so excited to receive my first edition of Marvelous! It is awesome and I loved all of your articles! You have really raised the bar! I was excited to receive it in the mail because I know if I had tried to find one at a local business they would all be gone—with a subscription I will always have my very own!
Shella Hagen

Love it, Deb. Picked up a couple of your magazines at Big Creek today.  Happy for you and best wishes for a successful business venture.
Peter and Jan Peitz

Ditto [above] with a caveat. When I read and looked I got a feeling that the magazine is somewhat sexist. I consider sexism fundamentally negative. After mulling that feeling over, I identified the cause to be that everything is by and for women exclusively.
That exclusion of men caused my reaction. Further thought makes me want to suggest that some articles written by men (doctors, artists, designers, etc.) for women might be in order. That idea removed all negative feelings in me. Maybe that is just the macho in me; but I wanted to share the experience with you. The best wishes for success to you.
Peter Peitz

I received my first issue of your magazine today from Marsha at Eureka Thyme. What a wonderful and inspiring magazine! I look forward to future issues. Keep up the marvelous work!
Melanie Myhre
Melanie Myhre Photography

Just got the first issue of the magazine! It’s fabulous, Deb!
Linda Larsen

This magazine is simply marvelous! I sat down and read it from front to back and did it again. I must tell you I felt a bit of a “charge” while reading. Very captivating and intriguing.
I am entering a new phase of my life. Both of our girls will be in college next year. I’ve spent the last 23 years working with my husband in whatever business he was in and raising our daughters. I have put my whole heart and soul into all of it. Our daughters are on their way. It’s a stage or phase that I know I’m not alone in, but how awesome would it be if we women could gain strength from each other with the knowing we are not alone.
My “word” that has come to me and won’t leave is balance—balance in every part of our lives. I am learning and being made aware of this every day.
I just wanted you to know that your magazine touched me and helped me do a little soul searching as to where I’m headed now and what is the next step. Thanks for sharing your gift with us all. You’ve inspired me.
P.S. I’m sending it to our daughter in college. She will love ‘Marvelous Molly Clark.’
Julie Wagner
Mountain Home Real Estate Co.

Just read the first issue cover to cover! Wonderful! Or should I say marvelous!
Beth Allen Harmon