From The Publisher’s Desk — June/July 2017

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Deb Peterson, Editor/Publisher of Marvelous! magazine.

No matter your age, it seems summertime is filled with possibilities—flowers in full bloom, gatherings of families and friends, trips both elaborate and short, and myriad ways to stay cool in the area’s waters. It looks like the livin’ is easy, and it often is, but underneath the surface, our lives are filled with the special meaning we give the people and things we surround ourselves with, and filled with the challenges of life itself.

Judy Loving has spent a lifetime surrounding herself with art of all kinds. Her home is a fascinating place to visit, but Judy’s art isn’t just for looks. She shares with us why the art she collects makes her feel closer to who she is and where she lives.

Shannon Nachtigal, our Marvelous! Woman in this issue, may relax around her pool or on the lake, looking on the surface that she doesn’t have a care in the world, but you can bet as chief nursing officer at Baxter Regional Medical Center, there aren’t many hours in her life that aren’t filled with responsibility. She shares her very personal journey with us from teen mom to executive, a journey filled with challenges and reflection.

Joia Traver, a budding writer at age 13, writes our Marvelous! Voices essay, and she literally takes us below the surface—of Lake Norfork, where she plans to spend a good portion of her summer vacation. There are splendid things underneath the water as well as on top! Something to think about while you’re lounging on the lake this summer.

I am lucky to be the sampler as well as the photographer of the yummy recipes Estella Tullgren shares with us in every issue. The four recipes in these pages were particularly scrumptious. I will be making and enjoying all of them this summer, especially the shortbread bars and Rosemary Red Cocktail. Oh my. And they are pretty besides!

We are no longer holding Marvelous! Minis, our mini events for women at our former world headquarters building. Renae and I had a wonderful time with all of you who participated in them, and we thank you for joining us.

Remember to pick up a Bella’s Table Cookbook when you’re in need of a lovely gift.

Love and peace to you all summer long,
Deb Peterson




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