Apps for Women

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By Wayne Embrey

A customer asked the question, “Whats an app?” Being a nerd with limited social skills, my eyes became wide and my mouth fell open, and this is why I don’t play poker. New jargon and acronyms are thrown at us daily without a second thought that we haven’t the first clue as to what they mean. Let us clear this one up.

An ‘app’ is short for application or computer program that is specialized in purpose. As example, a web browser is a program that can show you any web page you request, but the Facebook app will show you information only from Facebook pages. To cause further confusion, the term app is used mostly with mobile devices. As an office program on a desktop, it is still called software, but it is called an app on a tablet or phone.

Now that we have that out of the way let’s get to some apps for women.

• Pinterest is the queen of all apps for women. It covers anything and everything you could ever hope to see, explore, learn, share, read, design, want, or prepare. Once you set up a free account, you can bookmark Pinterest posts or post your own pictures or ideas.

• Facebook is a social outlet for keeping up with friends and family. Once you post a picture, all your friends can see it and comment, or you can comment on one of their pictures. If Facebook isn’t your thing, you may want to try Twitter. Twitter is limited to short posts of 140 characters.

• The shutterbugs among us will know and love Instagram as the photo/video sharing site with the ability to share to other social media sites.

• For those with an interest in home and garden, HGTV has a few different apps offering design ideas and inspiration.

• This time of year, the postman fills your mailbox with holiday catalogs. Catalog Spree offers digital catalogs without printing one page. Save a few more trees by installing the Zinio app, and have your magazines delivered digitally. Apple’s Newsstand, Nook, or the Kindle app can also deliver magazines right to your mobile device.

• There is a huge selection of women’s health and fitness apps to choose from. Oxygen and MyNetDiary are great apps to start with.

• FOOD glorious FOOD! BBC Good Food, Clean Eating, iCookbook, Diabetic Cooking, and Vegetarian Thai are just some of the options available. Foodgawker is a food blog (blog is basically a web journal that could include pics, web links, recipes, and/or how-to articles).

• For parents wishing to enrich their children, the list of educational apps is inspiring. My search returned more than 2,000 apps for children’s education—memory matching, math, shapes, science, and reading skills are available to help your children.

The Apple App Store and Google Apps have search options to help you find apps that match your interests among the hundreds available. Explore your interests and share or teach others. The greatest gift is that of knowledge.Happy holidays and peace be yours. M! December 2013/January 2014

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