M! Makeover: Lorna Dixon

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By Jennifer Porter | Photographed by Jamie Swetnam

Lorna Dixon "After"
Lorna Dixon "After"

There is a soft knock on the door of our room at the Hotel Seville in Harrison, and I open the door to the warm smile of Lorna Dixon, the model for this edition of M! Makeover. Her warm smile and charm fill the room, and she comes bearing a gift—a box of frosted Krispy Kremes.

“I thought you two might be hungry,” she says with a smile. I take the lovely doughnuts, wondering if they will violate my diet!

Lorna is dressed in plain jeans and a black tee. Her skin is free of makeup and her hair undone. Tia York, our makeup and hair stylist, has a chair waiting for her in front of the mirror. Lorna expresses concern for her skin tone and her eyelashes; she sees these as trouble areas.

Tia begins with a color-evening foundation and finishes with a mix of gray eye shadow and individual eyelash extensions.

Lorna Dixon "Before"
Lorna Dixon "Before"

She then applies trendy “stiletto” nails that she created the night before in a charcoal gray. She straightens Lorna’s hair to a sleek shine.

We dress Lorna in spring blues, and meet with photographer Jamie Swetnam from Life as a Photo.

The Hotel Seville in Harrison is a lovely mix of Spanish and Folk Victorian architecture in all it’s restored glory. Jamie takes photos of a posed Lorna, leaning on one of the ornate pillars. The most beautiful part of the makeover for me is watching an already beautiful woman transform into a runway model before the watchful lens of the camera.

After a couple of shots, we see Lorna’s posture soften as she begins to realize her transformation.

The next ensemble is a flowing red dress that I selected specifically to compliment Lorna’s tan skin. Tia puts Lorna’s hair in a trendy up-do and changes her lipstick color.

The photo shoot continues on the Victorian staircase, and Lorna is completely relaxed, making jokes about our unending requests for small turns and hand and head movement.

“Tilt your head slightly to the left. Cross your legs,” she giggles.

The shoot ends outside with some lovely photos behind a rustic wrought iron gate.

Lorna rarely wears red clothing and was very surprised by how much it complimented her skin and her hair, she loved the dress, and may purchase one for herself. She was also impressed with her eyes, and said she would like to work with Tia again for special occasions.

“The makeover was a great experience,” she said.


A big thank you to:

Tia York of La Dolce Vita Salon in Mountain Home for her fantastic makeup, hair, and nails.

Jamie Swetnam of Life as a Photo for her creative vision.

April and Jack at Hotel Seville for being so accommodating during the photo shoot.

Lorna and her husband, Rick, own and operate Clark Office Products in Mountain Home and Harrison, and Lorna’s Boutique. They live in Gaither and have four children—Keiffer and Jasmine Johnson, Becky Eck, and Angela Tate.


Casual Spring
From Lefler’s in Harrison
Necklace and Earrings $24
Citizen Jeans $189
Draping Vest $124
White Cami $29
Bracelet $38

From Stage in Mountain Home
Turquoise Belt $28
Rampage Sandals $48

Elegant Semi-Formal
From Stage in Mountain Home
Red Dress $49
Jacket $15
Nine West Silver Heels $49
Black/Silver Bracelet $16
Black Daisy Ring $4.60
Silver Necklace $20
Silver Earrings $3.60
Set of Silver Bangle Bracelets $16

To participate in upcoming makeovers, contact Jennifer Porter at porterjenellen@gmail.com.

M! April/May 2012


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