M! Makeover: Paulette Burris Hill…in her words

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With Stylist Jennifer Porter

Paulette Hill: After
Paulette Hill: After

2011 was a year of changes. I turned 51, my son, Grant, got his first apartment, my youngest son, Quinn, left for college, and I changed jobs. Every single day I am surprised by how much I love my new job as executive director at Serenity, Inc.

The makeover, at first, was a big NO in my mind. I’m about 50 pounds overweight right now, and my New Year’s resolution of excercising and losing it hasn’t kicked in! But the more I thought about it, I decided that, as Popeye would say, “I yam what I yam!”

I loved having the makeup done. My skin is changing quite a bit these days (I hear aging does that), so it was great for me to have an expert tell me what they would do for certain problem areas and how to actually use flaws (hooded eye lids) to my advantage. I think it’s important to have input periodically on what’s new, what works, etc.

The hair was fun! I would wear my hair up a lot if I could do it. My

Paulette Hill: Before
Paulette Hill: Before

arms won’t reach that far behind my head. That’s my story anyway! It was beautiful and I loved having it up for a change.

I was most apprehensive about the fashion part, but it turned out great! I have already changed some of my fashion choices as a result. I would have never thought that Posh Boutique would have anything to fit me or that I would wear, but I actually purchased a piece that I modeled. Sometimes you need someone else to say, “that looks great on you.”

I also bought a few accessory pieces to change my look a little.

I had been really feeling badly about having a wonderful new job and wanting to look my absolute best, but I didn’t really feel like I was accomplishing it, so the makeover was perfect timing.

M! Feb/Mar 2012

Paulette lives in Mountain Home with husband George and Pablo, Mr. July on the Paws for the Cause calendar.

Shopping and Credits

Makeup artists Chelsea Hughes and Karen Davidson from the Clinique and Estee Lauder counters at Stage; Hair by Susan Snyder of Shiny Lime Hair Salon, photographed by Tabitha Porter.

In red: Jewelry by Lisa Coleman of Simple Elegance.

In Blue: Jacket ($61), camisole ($36), and pants ($48), Dian’s, Mtn. Home; Necklace ($80), Silpada; Earrings ($15) and bracelets ($20), Maurice’s, Mtn. Home; Heels ($21) and gladiator bag ($50), Runway Fashions, Mtn. Home. Styled by Jennifer Porter. Photographed by Deb Peterson.

In Brown: Sweater jacket ($40), Cato’s, Mtn. Home; pants ($48), Dian’s; camisole ($20), fringe bracelet ($15), Maurice’s; Tom’s shoes ($54), pyramid ring ($15), Posh, Mtn. Home; necklace ($21), earrings ($11), gold bracelet ($11), Schaundra bag ($50), Lorna’s Boutique, Mtn. Home. Styled by Jennifer Porter. Photographed by Deb Peterson.

Thanks to Danny Ponder for use of Old College Hall.

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