Shop Til You’re Marvelous!: Unbreakable Picnic Cocktails

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Picnic Cocktails
Picnic Cocktails

M! shopped at local Twin Lakes Area liquor stores for unbreakable picnic cocktails to enjoy on the deck, in the garden, on the boat, anywhere breakage is a concern. Always drink responsibly.

From Country Club Liquors—

1. Octavin’s Silver Birch Sauvignon Blanc

2. KRU82 Vodka in a reusable aluminum bottle with strap

From Jack’s Package Store

3. Vendange California White Zinfandel in individual-sized carton

4. Tarantula Melon Margarita

From Judicious Spirits

5. Stinky Gringo Margarita

6. Jordan’s Skinny Appletini with zero calories and zero sugar

From Lazy D Spirits

7. Daily’s Frozen Lemonade

8. Daily’s Cosmopolitan

From Midtown Package Store—

9. Flasq Merlot in aluminum

10. Jack Daniel’s Whisky & Ginger in aluminum

11. Bud Light in ultra cold aluminum

From Warehouse Liquor of BCI—

12. T.G.I. Friday’s Mudslide for blending with ice

13. T.G.I. Friday’s Long Island Ice Tea served on the rocks


June/July 2011

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