Debby Stanuch Bio

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An Illinois native, Debby and her husband, Don, retired to the Twin Lakes Area nearly nine years ago. A news junkie, Debby is a reporter for KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot news and is the host of Talk of … Continued

Breast Cancer Support Groups

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By Deb Peterson “A lot of women think they’re doing just fine [after being diagnosed with breast cancer], says Chris Garrison, a volunteer at the Peitz Cancer Support House on the campus of Baxter Regional Medical Center in Mountain Home. … Continued

Ask a Nerd — Pa$$w0rds

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By Wayne Embrey Passwords should be easy to remember. Now I’m not saying 123456 is OK, but G4ftyEF345fs@24%F@ is just ridiculous. We need a lot of passwords in today’s world, so let’s make creating them fun and easy. Password requirements … Continued

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