January 25, 2015


Marvelous! is an inspiring and beautiful new bimonthly magazine for women who create the life they want and live it passionately — what could be more marvelous?

The mag is distributed free every two months in salons, boutiques, natural foods shops, women’s centers, businesses that cater to women, and wherever marvelous women are found in north central and northwest Arkansas.

You can read M! no matter where you live. Subscriptions are just $16/year for six issues. Make your check payable to M! and send to P.O. Box 130, Cotter, AR 72626. Makes a great gift.

Each issue of M! includes features, regular columns on health and dining, M! Society pages, M! Weddings, and much more. Wedding and bridal photos (high-res, 3×5) cost just $100.

Coming soon: M! Fashion.

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