From the Publisher’s Desk — April/May 2017

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Deb Peterson, Editor/Publisher of Marvelous! magazine.

Spring arrived extra early this year. Many of us had flowers blooming in February. Those of you who are gardeners have surely spent many hours in your garden already. You will love the she-sheds featured in this issue, some of which are dedicated to gardening. The others are art studios. All of them are fabulous little getaways designed just for a woman—a woman’s answer to the man cave.

Several of you answered The Question by sharing with us how you enjoy a garden. Some of you plant herbs in pots, bringing the garden close to your kitchen door. Every time I walk by my own herb garden, I can’t resist running the leaves through my hands and inhaling the exotic aromas. It’s like being on a Mediterranean hillside. Participate in The Question in the summer issue by telling us how you plan to be creative this summer. Send a short paragraph, your city, and a high-res photo to  

Our Marvelous! Woman for April/May is Michele Linehan. You probably won’t find her in the garden, but she’s an outdoors woman through and through. A former Boy Scout executive, she is a professional camper! She is not only prepared on the trail, she also teaches financial responsibility in her role as a mortgage lender, helping people prepare to buy a home by budgeting and, if necessary, repairing their credit. Her story is about resilience and positive thinking. She simply doesn’t believe in failure.  

In this issue, we take you inside Jo Wolf’s home, a shabby chic cottage within a log home. She has lived around the world, and her home is filled with treasures collected by her Air Force family over the years. She is dedicated to preserving family memories not only in scrapbooks but throughout her home. She lives with her treasures. What a wonderful way to keep family memories alive.

Estella Tullgren took a trip down memory lane while looking through her oldest recipe collections, and shares some of her oldies but goodies with you in her Bella’s Table column. You can still get a copy of Bella’s Table Cookbook at local shops, and it’s now available in my Etsy shop:, where I am starting to sell my Flowerhead Girls and hand-knitted scarves and pillows.

As we all know, things change, and if we change in the spirit of Michele Linehan, good things will come of it. At Marvelous!, we are changing by selling our darling World Headquarters. Not the magazine, just the space in which we held our mini events for women at 133 Harding Boulevard in Cotter. We will continue a reduced schedule of minis until the building sells. If you or someone you know is in search of a beautiful new office, move-in ready, email me at

Happy Spring! Remember, create the life you want.  

Love and peace,
Deb Peterson
Publisher, editor




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