From the Publisher’s Desk — February/March 2016

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Deb Peterson, Editor/Publisher of Marvelous! magazine.
Deb Peterson, Editor/Publisher of Marvelous! magazine.


WE ARE 5! In this issue of Marvelous!, we celebrate our 5th anniversary by recognizing some of the women who have helped Marvelous! not only survive the first five years but evolve into a magazine that I think of as belonging to the women of our community. Cheers to all of us!

Of course, there are many more people who have contributed greatly to our success. Account executives Jennifer Porter and Brenda Allen work hard to let advertisers know that our readers are their customers. Women make 80% of the buying decisions in American families. Our readers are those women. Some of our advertisers have known that from the very beginning, and we appreciate them so much. Lisa Chism of Simply Beautiful, Donna McMullen of Baxter Regional Medical Center, Ashley Hunter of Posh, and Gaston’s White River Resort have been with us for five years. King Dermatology and Jackson Rental have had full pages with us nearly as long. Thank you! Your support is truly appreciated.

There are others. Renae Schocke helps me with Marvelous! Minis, mini events for girlfriends at Marvelous! World Headquarters in Cotter, and is responsible for distribution. Lori Barlow puts each issue of the magazine online at Melissa Bitting takes care of photo shoots for our advertisers. My girlfriend advisory board, the Marvelous! Muses (Kelly Householder-Giuliano, Christy Keirn, Sarah Knight, and Karry Bass), helps me make decisions. And I owe a great deal to my partner, Tim Malaney, for the biggest ideas and dreams, proofreading, mechanical, landscaping, and carpentry projects both gigantic and small at MWHQ, artistic suggestions, and his love.

We are also grateful for our readers, without whom none of it would matter!, the women who share their stories with us, and the girlfriends who come together regularly at Marvelous! Minis and Marvelous! Girls’ Night Out at Big Creek to simply enjoy each other’s company with a glass of wine. You are all part of Marvel- ous! and we look forward to what we can create together in the next five years!

Love and peace,


— Deb Peterson

Publisher, Editor

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