Ask A Nerd — The 2014 Holiday Buying Guide

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Solar laptop
Solar laptop


By Wayne Embrey

Oh, where to begin? iPhone 6? Uber gaming laptop? No. Christmas is a time to give without expectation, a concept that should be practiced every day, in my humble opinion. A material gift can bring a smile, but a smile alone, in its true form, can change a life or a future.

Beats headphones... for the audiophile on your list!
Beats headphones… for the audiophile on your list!

Give a gift that doesn’t come with a receipt. Give the gift of a smile. Smiles come in many ways, but the best is from a happy heart. Think for a moment about something that makes you smile. Yes! Smile, be happy! Share that smile with someone next to you. A smile is the gift of happiness you share with everyone.

Wifi cameras make great gifts.
Wifi cameras make great gifts.

One of the best things about giving a smile is that once you share it with one person, they will share it with someone else. Who wants a receipt for a smile?

Oh yes, back to the gift guide. Head-phones are in this season and nerds are very brand specific. Bose, Sony, Denon, and Razor are the brands recommended based on functionality. Oh, honey!

A pair of Beats may have cool marketing, but a real audiophile wants great sound. Sound? SOUND! Tell your loved ones, “I love you!” A song in your heart and a daily reminder of love warms a heart and soul even in the worst of times.

Robot kits from Robot Shop.

Give these with the best gift of all—the gift of time. Spend an afternoon with someone who admires you. Give them the attention they deserve and make a memory you’ll never want to forget. That is a gift worthy of the holiday.

Yes, they all want a new drill or iPod, or even something we take for granted like a washing machine and dryer. Material gifts matter when we can’t spend the time we would like to. Give both. Smile, say “I love you,” and then take the receiver of your gifts shopping so you know what they want.



In the “too cool for school” category we have some odd little gems:

A truly solar laptop (
Robot kits from Robot Shop
Remote Wi-Fi cameras

M! December 2014/January 2015!




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