July 20, 2017

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Jewels in the Parlor

Story and photographs by Deb Peterson A sparkling fish leaps from a candlestick holder. On the marble coffee table, a pink dragonfly alights in a circle of green gems. Sunlight bounces off an earring dangling from an antique lamp base. You’re in Wanda Fielding’s very pink and exquisitely feminine living room in Cotter. Let’s call Read More

Charms Through History

By Pamela Backus No matter the shape or material a charm is made of, charms and the wearing of them can be traced back to ancient time. Whether the wearer was a child or an adult, rich or poor, humans have been wearing charms since humans first breathed. As Deborah Alun-Jones and John Ayton put Read More

Charming Memories: Remembering people, places, & events

Story and Photographs by Pamela Backus When I started researching and writing this article I had a charm bracelet someone had given me as a birthday gift, but I didn’t have any desire to add to it. It just sat in my jewelry box and I wore it every now and then. During the process Read More