2012 Year of the Dragon

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By Lily Chung, Ph.D.

Year of the Dragon
Year of the Dragon

The year of the Dragon starts on February 4, 2012, according to the Chinese horoscope. Twelve animals rule the cosmos in rotation, one each year. The nature of the animal determines how it rules, setting the tone and the trend for the world.

The basic cosmic composition of a dragon is earth plus some wood and water. Dragon years have been known for big, unsettling changes. We can expect more earthquakes and social unrest. Because the 2012 dragon is a water dragon, we will likely see more floods and mud slides.

The rooster is the dragon’s best friend. The monkey and rat are its teammates. Being favored, they will enjoy a winning edge. This means that people born in rooster, monkey, and rat years will have better luck.

The dog, as the No. 1 opponent of the ruling dragon, is likely to have a rattling year. Take precautions. Plan ahead to allow yourself more space for surprises or changes. Avoid new ventures and financial partnerships, and focus on what you do best. You can expect unwanted changes and hard work, or double work.

Not all dogs are impacted equally. The magnitude varies with the signs of their birth month and date.

Dragon YearsIn feng shui, the throne of the dragon is 105-135 degrees. Like the palace of an emperor, it has to be treated with utmost respect. There should be no repairs or construction work in this part of your home or office, and you should use no TVs, radios, or fans in this sector. Most importantly, it is in our best interest to avoid facing this direction whenever possible, just as the ancient Chinese people avoided looking at the emperor.

The west (of a region, a city and a home) is visited by a money star this year, which enhances financial luck. If you have a window or door facing west, open it as often as possible, and stay in that sector more frequently. Displaying ceramic or glass home décor next to the window will increase your financial luck.

The southeast has a visiting disaster star. Close windows in this area or cover with a heavy curtain. Stay away from this sector if possible.

Happy dragon year!

Lily Chung is an author and practitioner of Chinese metaphysics in the Bay Area of California. She can be reached at Lchungwan9@aol.com and at sites.google.com/site/DrLilyChung.

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