M! Call for Hat/Scarf/Wig Chemo Photos

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Aug. 12, 2011

In observation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, M! wants fun photos of you in creative hats, scarves, and wigs. If you’ve lost your hair from chemotherapy and wanted to cover your head, send us a photo of your fave method.

Here’s how Deb’s family celebrated her sister’s desire to wear a wig during chemo:

Fun with Donna's Wig
Fun with Donna's Wig

We love bald heads too! Send photos to deb@marvmag.com. We’ll publish some in the Oct/Nov issue and more right here at marvmag.com.

Share your creative ideas with other women struggling through the same experience. Share your hat/scarf/wig photos!

Send high-res images to deb@marvmag.com.

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