Girlfriend Getaway: Start With Something Pretty

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Story by Deb Peterson | Photographed by Deb Peterson.

Nancy Mariana Pop
Nancy Mariana Pop

It’s April. Everywhere you look, nature is springing to life. Girls are baring their arms, legs, feet, midrifs, looking for new spring fashions and a little bit of fun.

Okay, a lot of fun.

Where better to start than with some pretty new lingerie. There’s something very powerful about wearing silky, lacy secrets under your capris and summer dresses. Nobody has to know exactly what it is that gives you that air of mystery.

If your lingerie drawer could use a little spring cleaning and some playful fun, grab your girlfriends and head for historic downtown Eureka Springs. Start your shopping with something pretty at The Fine Art of Romance, a new lingerie shop in town.

Leslie Meeker and Kelly Breslau opened the shop in November and held a grand opening in February, complete with live mannequins and a runway fashion show. Marvelous! was there and got some great pics for you.

But photographs don’t do the luxurious intimate apparel and other treasures justice. Not remotely. Leslie and Kelly have filled their beautiful shop with nude fine art and romantic gifts that require personal experience.

Leslie, a psychotherapist who specializes in relationship and sex therapy, wanted the shop to be an extension of her desire to help individuals and couples experience playfulness and celebrate sensuality and intimacy.

Marvelous! asked what she finds most marvelous about her new shop.

“Watching people gaze in appreciation at the beautiful nude fine art and express surprise at their own comfort level with the sensuality presented, because of its tastefulness, is marvelous,” Leslie says.

She watches women connect with the realistic portrayal of women in the artwork, and she smiles when couples giggle as they shop for intimate gifts.

“Working with a woman who is in tears because she has been, for the first time, fitted with a bra that is actually a beautiful piece of lingerie is particularly marvelous,” Leslie says.

She hopes all of her clients find such joy in their visit.

“I hope they find that sensuality is comfortable and fun,” she says, “that the human body is absolutely gorgeous in its many forms, that a romantic gift speaks volumes, that a weekend away is always a wonderful way to reconnect with your partner. It is human nature to long for the experience of sensuality, romance, and play, and it was our mission to create a space that provides exactly that.”

You can find The Fine Art of Romance at 60 Spring Street in Eureka Springs, and on Facebook.

M! April/May 2011.

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