5 M! Things to Do When It’s HOT!

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Soak Your Feet in the River


1. Soak Your Feet in the River

Plop a lawn chair in the river and soak your feet, or your bottom, depending on how hot it is and how much you like water. Just be sure not to wash downstream. This idea doesn’t work everywhere, but here in Arkansas, where the rivers are crystal clear and 57-64 degrees, it’s a cool treat. Take your pole along, and your fishing license, and catch a fish. Then let it go.




Blanchard Springs Caverns


2. Go Caving

Caves like this stunningly beautiful one at Blanchard Springs Cavern are 58 degrees year round. They also sport 100% humidity, which makes them feel warmer, but take a cute little jacket along anyway. Wild caving in Arkansas is not legal right now, so take a tour. You’ll learn some very interesting things about our Earth. What’s underneath your house?


Photograph courtesy of Blanchard Springs Cavern.





Make Your Own Popsicles


3. Make Your Own Popcicles

What’s your favorite flavor? Enjoy it icy cold in homemade popsicles. All you need is a paper cup, your fave juices…or other beverage…foil and popsicle sticks. Hold the sticks in place by poking them through foil lids. Our yummy pops were made with grape and cranapple juices, and blueberry white tea. Brrrr!





See a Bad Movie


4. See a Bad Movie
Most theatres are freezing cold unless they’re packed with people. Choose a bad movie and you’ll have the theatre all to yourself. For less than $10, you can be cool and relaxed for two hours…and possibly a tad entertained. If you’re all by yourself, turn on your cell phone!






Order a Pizza


5. Order a Pizza

Who wants the oven on when it’s in the 90s outside? Not us! Order a pizza to go, or go out for whatever rings your bell. Eating out is good when it’s HOT.






Photographed by Harley White. M! Aug/Sep 2011.

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