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Shop Til You’re Marvelous! Mountain Home

April/May 2011.

DJ: Queen of Pedicures

Story by Deb Peterson | Photographed by Deb Peterson. Debra Johnson went to school to become a nail technician and only then discovered how much she enjoys helping people with their feet. “I find it very rewarding,” she says. “I had no idea how good it would make people feel.” Now in her own salon, Read More

Reflexology with Martha Nichols-Ketchum: Treating Your Whole Body Through Your Feet

Story by Deb Peterson | Photographed by Deb Peterson. When the cancer treatments prescribed to treat Chuck Ketchum’s rheumatoid arthritis made him sick, his wife, Martha, researched options. She was studying naturapathy at the time and an ad for a free first session with a new reflexologist caught her eye. “I lied,” Martha recalls Chuck Read More

While in Eureka Springs…

While in Eureka Springs, Arkansas… 1. Go wild at Eureka Thyme, where all the art is from local artisans. Shown: Wild Thing by Sandy Wythawai Starbird.                     2. Check out the street art.               3. Enjoy an Indian snack, gulab Read More

It’s In the Cards—Tarot with Lynne Sterling

Ever wonder what’s in your cards? Lynne Sterling at 37 Spring Street in Eureka Springs can tell you. Step into her cozy shop, think about your questions while you choose 10 cards, and determine for yourself the value of Tarot. “Many people come for their first Tarot reading curious as to how it works,” Lynne Read More

In Her Own Words: Artist Carol Peacock’s Inspiration

By Carol Peacock. I envision a New Earth where women take back their power, creativity, and ability to love without fear. I see a world of peaceful, loving women no longer inhibited by traditions that demand they give their undivided attention to their partners. Now that they know equality is a state of mind, they Read More

To Your Health! Melanoma: Is It or Isn’t It?

By Corinne Hiser, ANP. I grew up in Key West, Florida and Honolulu, Hawaii—a fair-skinned, blue-eyed girl who loved the sun, spent hours at the beach, and believed that brown skin looked healthier than white. My friends and I put iodine in baby oil to hasten the tanning process. I never used sunscreen stronger than Read More

Someone to Love: The Marvelous Gift of Receiving What We Give

Story by Deb Peterson | Photographed by Deb Peterson. Alexis Janes has taken care of people her entire life, but she didn’t become a mother until she was in her fifties. “When I was a kid, my mom used to tease me about picking up strays,” Alexis says. Three years ago, she opened her door Read More

Mothering Africa

Story by Deb Peterson | Photographs from Sarah Fennel. All the love Sarah Fennel absorbed from her parents over the years now flows mightily all the way to Hundro Village in Kenya, where the 30-year-old Fayetteville woman recently opened an orphanage. “You don’t think about how rare it is to be loved so much,” says Read More

Bella’s Table April/May 2011

Story by Estella Tullgren | Photographed by Deb Peterson. M! April/May 2011. Writing a food column—a dream come true for me. But where do I start? Some of my recipes I have had for years—some scoured from magazines and cookbooks, Food Network, word of mouth, or given to me by a friend. My sister Irene Read More