2011 Year of the Rabbit

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By Lily Chung, Ph.D.

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Year of the Rabbit
Year of the Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit starts on Feb. 4, 2011. Rabbit people are born under the sign of prudence. A rabbit is intelligent, well mannered, and prefers a quiet and peaceful existence. Being methodical and watchful, she is an efficient worker and usually succeeds in her chosen profession. She also has a tendency to put pleasure before work.

Rabbit years are not known for great inventions or great projects, as these things take strenuous and focused effort to complete. However, as prudence rules the year, most rabbit years are peaceful and relatively quiet. Don’t expect massive demonstrations or verbal fights. Traveling slows down as well.

This influence is global. It does not predict the occurrence of special events or affect individuals in specific manners. There are too many variables involved. Our personal energy is the fundamental factor in our destiny. Our attitude in handling our life also makes a world of difference.

The dog is the rabbit’s best friend. The goat and pig are its teammates. Being favored, they will enjoy a winning edge.

The rooster, as the No. 1 opponent of the ruling rabbit, is likely to have a rattling year. Rooster people can expect more involuntary changes or extra work. Take precautions, plan ahead to allow yourself more space for surprises or changes. Avoid new ventures and financial partnership, and focus on what you do best. Expect unwanted changes and hard work.

Not all roosters are being rattled. The magnitude varies with the signs of their birth month and date. Those undergoing a good luck cycle will fare a lot better. In any event, peace is unlikely to come by easily.

What is your strategy to survive the clashing and the bump if you are a rooster? When you can’t fight the ruler, pacify it. Entertain the rabbit by inviting his friends to a party. Display or wear a figurine of a pig, a goat, or a dog to keep the rabbit busy having fun, consequently leaving you alone. If you have a hard time living with these animals, you may anchor the rooster with an ox or snake, making it less vulnerable to stumbling.

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M! Feb/Mar 2011.

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